We must do what others think cannot be done.
Efisio Peretto, the founder
Advanced moulding solutions
We carry out in-house designing, prototyping, and building of all our moulds and equipment, that we use to produce our thermoplastic and sheet metal components. We produce technical items by integrating different mouldings, assemblies, and welding technologies. Reliability, creativity, and experience are some of the key ingredients that we use to turn the impossible into reality.
Explore the latest developments from our company, where the convergence of mechanics with culture, creativity, and passion is shaping a future defined by excellence and inspiration.
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Presented at our 2023 Christmas party, it’s a token of appreciation for our employees’ hard work and dedication.
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Ergotech Incastri Cortometraggio

Entirely created by a group of students from the Cinema Engineering Department at the Politecnico di Torino, it portrays a young man’s first experience in the company. A fresh perspective worth sharing.

Our process
At Ergotech, we developed a process that encompasses the entirety of our end-to-end production cycle: from research and development, to the end product, through customer service.
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Research & Development

Our R&D team researches and develops unconventional geometries, adapting traditional moulding, co-moulding and two-component moulding processes. This can be done either in cooperation and continuous dialogue with the customer’s technical department, or independently, by our dedicated team, supporting in the choice of the best materials to use.

Moulds and Equipment

Our Tooling department designs and builds the moulds for the manufacturing of components. As part of a fully in-house manufacturing process, the mould parts are assembled and fine-tuned for production.

Integrated production units

We have production units with state-of-the-art automation technologies that meet requirements of space and speed of execution. These are equipped with highly automated machines that can support human operators in a range of different processes and tasks.

Production and Assembly

Our Production department involves a 24/7 continuous cycle, with presses from 45 to 550t, automated robotic systems, and automated control systems that ensure final quality and overall efficiency. We assemble all our components with care, to ensure full compliance with quality and safety standards.

Quality and Metrology

At our Quality and Metrology department we carry out careful checks and constant monitoring of processes and products, to ensure that all the required standards are met, with a focus on the metrological control phase, which we implement using highly accurate and reliable measuring instruments.

Logistics and Customer Service

A strong logistic network enables us to deliver anywhere in the world, and we provide customers with specialized after-sales technical and engineering support, contributing to further improve products and services.

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