Our process

At Ergotech, we developed a process that encompasses the entirety of our end-to-end production cycle: from research and development, to the end product, through customer service.

Research & Development

Specializing in weight reduction, component toughening and metal replacement, each of our projects involve an in-depth study of materials and superb versatility of solutions.

Our R&D department works with interconnected calculation software to analyze the virtual model as divided into all its micro-elements, which are then calculated and examined in great detail. Through mould flow FEA® simulation systems, the structural analysis of the product can look at all the variables induced by the injection process as early as the design phase starts, thus optimizing time while making the entire process more efficient.
Raw Material

Expertise in more than 2000 plastic materials from major manufacturers and market leaders: this, is one of the key strengths of our business.

After having identified the most suitable material, and relying on a quality supply chain, we employ state-of-the-art facilities for drying materials before they get processed in moulding. At our plants, we run periodic inspections, to ensure we keep the highest quality of all the components manufactured.
Moulds and Equipment

We design, build and assemble multi-cavity moulds according to the customer’s drawings. Our tooling department counts on a team of talented designers, specialized in the creation of complex equipment.

Being a quality supplier starts with being a conscious user. That is why we set up periodic mould tests to evaluate the effectiveness and functionality of our equipment, putting it directly to the work. Our cooperation, allows us to tackle issues that may arise, to the best of our abilities. This helps us providing the market with highly specced moulds, ready to work to the highest standards.
Integrated production units
Automated units

Fully automated and isolated facilities designed to improve the efficiency and quality of each stage of the production process.

Strategic and targeted investments have enabled the company to adopt dedicated facilities and equipment to optimize the use of energy, materials and manpower. Thanks to advanced automated production units, we aim to improve quality standards, increasing flexibility to meet the production requirements from the market.
Production and Assembly
Our lines

We develop all our automations in-house: from their design, to layout and process. They come as the result of dedicated analysis, study and continuous testing by our engineers.

With an interconnected system of automated technology, including state-of-the-art injection moulding machines, our production ensures continuity and full control. Our operational flow is made by a hundred injection moulding machines and two vertical insert machines, and is the expression of Industry 5.0, where robot machines cooperate with humans. The 6, 4, and 3-axis robots work 24/7, and all individual components are produced containing a scannable code to speed up and simplify control procedures.
Quality and Metrology

Regular inspections and a continuously-improving management system. Constant training and risk reduction.

At our Quality Department we ensure compliance with standards for product and service, including procedures, controls and functional process monitoring. This is to ensure a high quality of our work, meeting our customers’ satisfaction.

Accuracy, efficiency, and quality. We measure products and optimize measurements, highlighting all compliant and non-compliant specifications.

After defining the metrological approach with the customer, our metrology department is in charge of ensuring that the parts produced will comply with the initial design, using measurement software and technologies. Precision, quality and functionality are key to achieve excellence in producing all our parts.
Logistics and Customer Service

Real-time warehouse management as a fast and efficient service, for an increasingly streamlined logistic flow.

Our customer schedules are acquired by means of EDI / WEBEDI techniques, and are processed in real time with our MRP / ERP internal system, ensuring quick communication. Thanks to this approach, we can improve efficiency avoiding surplus of end products or raw materials.