Contract services

Technical expertise, engineering, and constant innovation. We are committed to delivering excellent results in every project.

Construction of light alloy parts

Using light alloys, we produce precise and lightweight components for a range of industrial purposes. Our components are custom-designed, ans offer mechanical strength and resistance to corrosion, being ideal for equipment requiring high performance and easy handling, including fixtures, jigs, gripper hands, automations, and assembly benches


Injection mould filling analysis

We approach design using simulation software such as mouldex3D, leveraging complex algorithms to simulate the flow of plastic through the mould, predicting how the cavities will fill.

Nonlinear structural calculations

With software including Marc and Ansys, we perform nonlinear analysis to calculate nonlinear constitutive bonding of materials and geometric nonlinearities.

Nonlinear anisotropic structural calculations.

With Digimat software, we can analyze the behavior of composite materials and predict their response under varying loading situations, thus enabling accurate optimization of the performance and durability of structural components.

Prototyping with 3D printers

Prototyping with 3D printers is a process for creating accurate three-dimensional physical models straight from digital data.

Prototype mould making

We can quickly create functional moulds to allow the testing and refinement of designs before going to mass production, reducing costs and accelerating time-to-market.

Contract mould making

We are mould service providers and actively collaborate to define requirements, design, and specifications for each individual project. We build the moulds and develop production trials to deliver an accurate and reliable product to our customers.

Shear and bending mould construction

Our moulds are equipped with presses up to 60t. These are designed to cut and bend metallic materials with precision and repeatability, and can produce complex high-quality parts for a range of industrial applications.

Construction of mould parts and mechanical components

We facilitate the production of end products by adapting the construction of mould parts and components starting, from the customer’s drawing. We work with customers to understand their needs, and we adopt advanced technologies to implement solutions.

Laser marking dies and metal components

With laser marking, we can apply marks, codes or information to metal surfaces. Thanks to laser beams, we can etch surface layers of our metals to create clear, durable, and wear-resistant markings.