Construction of light alloy parts

Using light alloys, we produce precise and lightweight components for a range of industrial purposes. Our components are custom-designed, ans offer mechanical strength and resistance to corrosion, being ideal for equipment requiring high performance and easy handling, including fixtures, jigs, gripper hands, automations, and assembly benches

Special Production of Lightweight Components

In addition to manufacturing injection molds, Ergotech has consistently developed mechanical parts in-house for various purposes, including test benches, control templates, assembly stations, gripping hands, and handling parts integrated into automatic production lines.

To enhance capacity and accelerate production time for such accessories, a new machining center adopting an ‘open bench’ philosophy was introduced to the Tooling department in 2023. This center is specifically designed and developed for milling parts directly from aluminum sheets, light alloys, or plastic materials.

Here are some key features:

  • Pneumatic clamping systems enable processing directly from the plate, eliminating the need for preliminary cutting or clamping with special devices, thereby optimizing working times.
  • The integrated CAM system automatically recognizes most geometric features, facilitating rapid and user-friendly machine programming.
  • Nesting integrated within the machine management software maximizes work volume utilization.
  • Leveraging Ergotech’s expertise and know-how, the machining center is highly flexible and comprehensive, capable of processing plates up to a maximum volume of 4000x2000x40 mm. It offers solutions such as roughing, finishing, copying, engraving and marking, drilling, and threading—all without yielding the functionality of a 3-axis CNC machine.

Ergotech proudly provides mechanical components and equipment tailored to customer specifications, utilizing materials such as aluminum, PP, PE, and transparent plastic sheets.

Below are some examples of our work:

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