Who we are. Where we come from.

Since 1973, we have been serving the market and shaping the future of mouldings. Our name comes from two words: ‘Ergon’, Greek for ‘work’, and ‘Tech’, English for ‘technology’. These, are two words that we have always kept in mind, and that we still reflect today in all our projects.

We must do what others think cannot be done.

Born in 1973 from the visionary idea of Efisio Peretto, through the years we have grown as a leading company in the design and manufacture of components for different industries and sectors: from automotive to biomedical, electrical, electronics, and white goods industries.

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Training and closeness to the local community

An attitude for technological innovation and a strong passion for the training of young people: these, are two of the aspects that we most care about. We collaborate with local entities and organizations to help developing talents from our local community.

Design and Process Creativity

Ergotech - Formazione e territorio

The ability to spot solutions is part of our DNA. It stems from a great experience and knowledge in the field of mechanics that we inherited from our founder Efisio, and which we cultivated and grew over the years.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Globalization has highlighted a need for companies to embrace change and innovation. Flexibility, resilience, competent production processes: all need to be harmonized, aiming for sustainable development and responsible governance. At Ergotech, we trust the future.

The early

  • 1973 Ergotech was founded by Efisio Peretto. The company initially specialized in the manufacturing of metal components for Olivetti typewriters
  • 1980 Ergotech entered the biomedical market
  • 1982 A new production facility in Settimo Vittone (To) was inaugurated
  • 1985 Ergoteh entered the White Goods market
  • 1988 Ergoteh entered the Automotive market

The years
of development

  • 1997: Ergotech obtained the ISO 9001 certification for process quality
  • 2003: Ergotech achieved the ISO TS 16949 automotive-specific quality certification
  • 2009: Opening of the Gema s.a.r.l. Joint Venture with a plant in Tunisia
  • 2013: Ergotech was selected by Continental and Schaeffler as Premium Supplier
  • 2014: Inauguration of the New 14,000-square-meter Plant in Montestrutto (To) awarded the automotive-specific quality certification IATF 16949
  • 2015: Continental and Schaeffler confirmed Ergotech as Premium Supplier, while the Montestrutto plant obtained the ISO 14001 certification
  • 2015: ErgoSata joint venture was inaugurated with a new production plant in China

Our present,
focused on
the future

  • 2020: Dedicated department for post-moulding-related activities opened at our plant in Settimo Vittone(To), introducing new technologies such as blanking, sheet metal bending, laser welding and hot gas melting
  • 2021: Purchase of a 3D printer for maximum performances. Expansion of the Montestrutto plant
  • 2021: Expansion of the Montestrutto plant continues, with installation of a 3600 sq.m. – 784,9 kW photovoltaic plant