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Our presses, our moulds.

Our quality flawless components.

Our machines are based on the latest-generation injection moulding technology. Around 90% of our machines consist of completely autonomous operative cells, guided by robots, and monitored accurately. The operations flow then results in an interconnected 4.0 Industry: from the sourcing and management of semi-finished products to the actual moulding.

In our production plants 6,4 and 3-axis robots are used allowing a 24/7 operativity with great reduction of downtime. Ergotech also boasts of a wide range of presses of various tonnages and technologies.

It was the early 2000s when Ergotech invested in the first automated production units able to communicate with the wider corporate network. This enabled the development of a centralised 4.0 system that introduced more agile procurement and management of raw materials to the production department, thus creating a continuous flow of information: the Industry 4.0.

Since then, the system has evolved, and the various production units have become increasingly interconnected allowing the exchange of real-time production data to the central system while providing operating instructions useful for quality control purposes. All the data available can then be used cross-company supporting the various business functions.

Ergotech pursues a policy of data sharing and management which is based on continuous investments in new technologies, to promptly respond to rising customer needs, seeking greater efficiency and improved competitiveness.