We design, create the mould and produce the component.

Metal replacement

Our strong point is both the integration between design and production and our extensive knowledge of materials.

Since Ergotech’s employees have a deep knowledge of thermoplastic materials and polymers, of their features and peculiarities, they are able to suggest the customer efficient “metal replacement” solution, too.

In the component industry there are 15,000 types of metals which can be used. However, the customer that decides to employ thermoplastic materials and composite polymers can choose among a variety of 85,000 different formulas.

Thanks to its R&D DEPT, Ergotech has the skills, competence and experience to identify the best polymer according to the project entrusted by its partners.


Ergotech operates with the most important companies in the automotive component industry worldwide. It provides them with components that are integrated into their products and used by carmakers.

Among its products, there are clutches, tensioners, pulleys, window regulators, filters, rotors, gears, housings, rails…

Ergotech’s plants have also manufactured products for the medical, beauty treatment, electrical and household appliance sector, as well as components for the industrial machinery field.