From the design to the finished product:
a “turnkey solution”

Ergotechs supports its customer from the first contact to the final production of the goods.

Our sales team examines the customer’s needs and finds possible solutions.

The R&D DEPT designs the required component using prototyping softwares and develops it autonomously or in cooperation with the customer. It always adds its many years’ experience on thermoplastic materials and transformation processes.

Moulds are created in-house, too. The tooling DEPT designs, produces and assembles the different parts of a mould. It tests it and possibly makes adjustments.

The production will start when the manufacturing area is designed and created to give the customer the particular finished product it requires.

Rheological Testing and Micro-Structural Examination

To design components and moulds, Ergotech makes large use of new softwares which allows virtual rheological testing, i.e. the examination of the compounding of a deformed compound due to stresses.

More specifically, the mould filling process is examined to understand, from the very start of designing, how fibre orientation and junction lines will be, thereby identifying possible weaknesses in the project and solving them even before the production of test samples.

A new and integrated design approach



First contact

Ergotech’s team examines and considers the customer’s requirements. Time and procedures are decided. The best material to meet our customer’s needs is selected. Activities are planned in order to offer the best solutions.

Ricerca & Sviluppo


Design analysis or first activities of co-planning with the customer.


Ergotech develops each new product according to the particular needs of its customer. Each new product is therefore researched and developed. Each design is a new one, but our customers can rely on our many years’ experience and state-of-the-art softwares.

Designing and Co-designing

Since we have the technical specification of the final product, the design phase can be completely managed by Ergotech’s engineers. However, it can also take place in collaboration with the technicians of the customer company, who work in tandem with Ergotech’s to design.

Designing steps

According to the different specifications of each design, we deal with: unconventional layouts, highly automated co-moulding systems, bicomponent moulding, assembly of subassemblies, welding, resining, post-cure packaging processes. In an ongoing dialogue with our customers’ engineers, we also carry out the geometrical analysis of all the products.

The choice of the right material

Thanks to its experience, Ergotech can choose among more than 85.000 existing polymers the most proper one according to the project in order to assure the least evident deformation and the best process stability.

To reach this goal, Ergotech uses the most innovative softwares simulating injection processes and examining the filling of the mould as a first step. If necessary, virtual DOEs, apt to achieve specific goals (Design of Experiment), can be developed.

Rheologic Analysis and Study of Materials, Microstructures

Ergotech uses different connected to one another softwares and considers the virtual model not as a piece made of homogeneous material, but made of microelements, which are specifically calculated and examined.

As a consequence, die structural analysis of the product takes into consideration the possibilities caused by the injection process from the beginning: from the orientation of the fiber to the junction lines.

Consequently, we obtain a virtual structural analysis which is almost the same as the one on a real sample: for this reason, different calculation systems can lead to 100% and more coincidence between the virtual and the real model.

Dialogue with the customer

For each step of the project, Ergotech’s technicians of the R&D department share the different stages of the design development with the customers and regularly update them about all the details.


Tooling DEPT

The drawing of the component

The drawing, which has been created by the R&D DEPT, is the main element Ergotech’s technicians use to design, make and test the moulds which will be usued to produce the goods.

Designing the mould

The different parts of the mould are designed using softwares that can simulate the very first tests.

Producing the parts

The mould components are made by the tooling DEPT. Out tool makers use wire and laser cutting machinery and then finish the pieces.


The mould is assembled and can be tested.

Test and measuring

When the mould is assembled, it will be tested under the same production conditions. The goods are measured according to the features agreed with the customer using touch-technology instead of axial tomographies.

Ergotech tests using torques and dynamometers in addition to burst testing and electrical and electrical permeability tests

Cycle repetition

Non-conforming measures are examined in order to make the most proper adjustments to the mould components.
The cycle is repeated till there is a perfect adherence between product and specifications.

Dialogue with the customer

For each design and production step, Ergotech’s technicians of the tooling department and the customer share the development stages of the product in order that the client is always fully updated. Thanks to the fact that all the steps are carried out in-house, everything is performed quickly if compared with the average production time in other companies.



A manufacturing aera for each product.
Automated systems with 6, 4 and 3 axes robots. Computerised monitoring systems also on the whole production.

Consegna al cliente

Customer delivery