From the office machinery to the automotive sector, looking at the future

Ergotech was established by Efisio Peretto, who had worked for Olivetti for 25 years, in 1973. The company started as a supplier selling Olivetti mechanical pieces for its typewriters.

Ergotech specialised in this new sector as a result of the introduction of plastic elements in the production plans of this multinational company located in Ivrea. It grew and started working at first for the medical and household appliance field and then for the automotive indutry. Today, this is Ergotech’s most important business.

Over the years, Efisio, the founder, has been joined by his children, Franco, Cristiana and Andrea, who hold senior roles in the company while Peretto‘s third generation is beginning its professional career now.

Thanks to its spirit of innovation, Ergotech has attracted experts for years who have given their contribution to the company growth.

Our history


The first years

  • 1973: production of components for office machinery
  • 1980: biomedical field
  • 1982: new plant in Settimo Vittone (TO) as a result of a business increase
  • 1985: household appliance sector 1988: automotive industry
Gli anni dello sviluppo

The years of business growth

  • 1997: Ergotech obtained ISO 9001 process quality system certification
  • 2000: the plant in Settimo Vittone (TO) was further enlarged adding a new production department
  • 2003: Ergotech obtained the specific quality system certification ISO TS 16949 to work in the automotive industry
  • 2009: business started in other countries with the opening of a new plant and joint venture in Tunisia
  • 2013: Ergotech was selected by Continental e Schaeffler as “Premium Supplier”
  • 2014: second Italian plant in Montestrutto, Settimo Vittone (TO). Few Km far away from the first historic one, the new plant houses the production department. In the old plant, design areas, R&D and tooling department have been enlarged.
  • 2015: two important goals concerning quality and certification: Continental e Schaeffler confirmed Ergotech as “Premium Supplier” and the new plant in Montestrutto obtained ISO 14001 environmental quality certification.


  • 2017: the tooling department in Settimo Vittone has been modernized and air-conditioned in order to better stabilise the production


  • Innovation and development of new technologies to better meet our partners’ requirements.