Together with the customers to find solutions
since 1973

Production fields

Ergotech produces thermoplastic components employed in many different sectors. It is operating mainly in the automotive industry at the moment. However, over the years, Ergotech has worked in the biomedical sector, in the electrical and electronic field as well as in the hosehold appliance industry. Today, 90% of the components it produces are for the automotive.

They are in the products of the most important carmakers in the world. As a second level supplier, Ergotech interacts with manufacturers of components, especially those that operate in the automotive industry.

From the idea to the finished product

Together with its partners, Ergotech monitors the whole process to produce each single component made of thermoplastic materials or composite polymers. We start from the analyse of the customer’s requirements to identify the best thermoplastic material to use and we design and make the mould in order to create the dedicated production area.

While we design and produce the components made of thermoplastic material and their related moulds, we continuosly interface with the company concerned. The customer is regularly updated about the level of the project implementation as well as, in a second step, about the production.